Best SUV Under 10 Lakhs You Can Buy in India

India is said to be one of the largest automotive markets, with the increase in the production, manufacture and sale of cars in different segments that our country is doing a great profit business. Customers are a favorite choice for all the various categories of the car’s SUV, because this vehicle looks just like a beast. If you’re looking to buy a SUV for yourself under a fixed budget, then in this article we’ve come up with some of the best SUV under 10 lakhs India, we’re also going to address the best stuff we liked about that vehicle. For more detail, see the following article below:

  • Renault Duster:

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Renault is a car maker that has introduced its business in India with the SUV brand when it comes to the SUV market. Since the day of its introduction to the present day, this car has a big market share. Renault Duster comes with an AMT gearbox and a working AWD system priced at 8.42 Lakh.

  • Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza:

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Maruti Suzuki, a car manufacturer that has been trusting its customers for a decade, is still satisfied with the facilities and help they provide after selling their vehicles. The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza is one of theĀ best SUV under 10 lakhs India with its version in the SUV category. This car is fitted with a 24-kilometer diesel engine which is the best one in this series. Vitara Breeza comes with automatic and manual transmission both in diesel and petrol models. The price for the car starts at 7.24 Lakhs and in Delhi Ex-Showroom it goes up to 9.5 Lakhs.

  • Tata Nexon:

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Tata is considered to be the largest car manufacturing company in India, with its recent entry in the SUV market, Tata Nexon is another great initiative. Priced somewhere between 6 lakhs and 10 lakhs this car comes with Power steering, Power windows on both front and back, Driver and Passenger airbags along with Anti-lock braking system. This car has been named as one of the safest cars in India, with airbags on both the driver’s seat and the passenger seat on the front and the back.

The above mentioned list was the best SUV under 10 lakhs India. Such vehicles can only be purchased from India’s car market at the best prices and features compared to other vehicles.