Best Features of Luxury Cars You Can Experience

If you are looking for some of the best luxury car features then this article will help you find the best one in this list. Just check out below for more information and updates.

Bentley’s Infotainment Pack

Bentley infotainment pack contains two ipads depending on the version, two in-headset display, and a drop down 12 inch screen. Money is not an option for people who are willing buy add-on package, which includes 15GB of space for personal collection of music for their car.

Mercedes’ silver-plated champagne flutes

This has got two options for its rear seats, which can replace with two individual seats split by a console that hides two fold-out tables and own holders to grip the bases and prevent spillage.

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Aston Martin Transponder Watch

Even ordinary cars can communicate via smartwatches but Aston Martin is more advanced than them in communicating. This car has got high-end luxury watch with an electronic transponder that can lock and unlock the doors.

Mercedes Maybach’s granite trim

This is interior of vehicle which can make them look luxury from inside. The trim is made from genuine granite for Dashboard, Console, Door panels covered with stone.

Bang & Olufsen pop-up tweeters

This car has got in-built sound systems which can be used for commuting or for listening to music without distraction. 

Mercedes S550 scent system

This car has got air fresheners feature for its new fragrance system that can be electronically controlled to re-fragrance to vehicle when set to a schedule and strength.

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Porsche’s leather air vents

This can be used for cool or warm air blown for leather trimmings such as seat belt buckles, belt outlets or even for steering wheel surround and sun visors.

BMW’s Gentleman Function

This function can be found in BMW 7-series for suggesting the driver by electronically to adjust the passenger seat prior to his companion’s arrival.

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Bentley’s bespoke mechanical clock

This is an add-on feature in Bentley for the people who is looking for buy the most-expensive luxury car. Even this feature is available in solid white or rose gold colors.

Rolls Royce’s Starlight roof

This is designed in inner roof liner customized with fibre optic for standing inside the car and enjoying through roof to recreate a night sky or enjoy the fresh air during night times.

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