Best Car Insurance Companies In India

The problem for many 4-wheeler owners in India is selecting the right4-wheeler insurance. Recently, India’s government made a provision that every 4-wheeler owner should be covered with a minimum coverage of third party liability. So people may get confusions when it comes to buying a new car policy, and end up choosing less coverage for their 4-wheelers. Often it’s nice to have a clear understanding of what kind of insurance is on the market and what kind of coverage is the company that provides you with the best insurance for your vehicle. Choosing a reputable car insurance provider is also critical in order to get trouble–free experience when seeking insurance. To make your task easier this article will help you find some of the Best car insurance companies India so that you get a better knowledge before buying any insurance for your car.

  • ICICI Lombard GIC LTD:

This is one of India’s largest insurance firms. The bank has a good reputation in the insurance industry, and offers the best insurance deals, particularly for car coverage. The business gives a good deal to consumers whether they come from India’s rural or urban cities. The insurer provides excellent deals for car coverage such as 4-wheelers coverage against injuries, mishaps and free pick-up and drop service during the insurance cover for a limited time.

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Collaborated with American International Group and company Tata. This venture gives 4-wheelers the best coverage across the world. Last year, the company provided customers with the high-quality coverage such as extended insurance facilities, accident cover and decent 4-wheelers accessories. Therefore consumers are given the option of selecting their 4-wheelers policies.

  • Reliance General Insurance Company:

This company is the first ever insurance firm to obtain the certificate for the provision of multiple services throughout the country in different insurance sectors and recognized as one of the Best car insurance companies India. The business also provides the4-wheelers with reasonable service plans. The company provides on – the-spot car insurance renewal without seeing any paperwork and also offers business-specified 24* 7 roadside assistance.

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  • Oriental Insurance:a

This company is India’s best auto insurance firm in the insurance industry owned by India’s central government. The services provided by the organization are in both urban and rural areas. So oriental insurance company provides private cars with their cover. This policy provides for the consumers with limited benefits to vehicles.

So, these are the companies in the insurance industry listed above. Hope I’ve covered all bases when looking for Best car insurance companies India and trying to find other companies that will provide you with the best car insurance offerings.