Best British Sports Cars Ever

The U.K. is responsible for some of the greatest sports cars the world has ever seen. There are dozens of examples, but these are our absolute favorites.

Sunbeam Tiger

If you want a V-8-powered British roadster developed by Carroll Shelby, but you can’t afford a Cobra, consider a Sunbeam Tiger. It brings the same kind of smile, for far less cash. Here’s one you can own right now for $55,000.

Ultima Evo

Ultima is a small company that builds Le Mans-inspired supercars for the road. The Evo is its latest creation, available with up to 1020 horsepower from an LS-based supercharged V-8 engine. Zero to 60 happens in just 2.3 seconds, and top speed is over 240 mph. It’s even available in the US—as a kit car.

MG Midget

The 1960s were a golden age for British sports cars, and the Midget stands out. Lightweight, analog, and simple—and, as the name indicates, extremely tiny—it was the perfect car for the discerning enthusiast. This one’s been through a restoration, and it’s currently for sale on eBay for just $8900.

Ariel Atom

The Atom is as bare-bones as it gets—no roof, no doors, and on some models, no windshield. It’s just a tube-frame chassis with an engine and wheels. Because it weighs virtually nothing, it’s incredibly fun. This 2006 model can be yours for just $65,000.

Ariel Nomad

Off-roading more your thing? Ariel has a car for that, too. It’s called the Nomad, and it’s essentially an Atom with all-terrain upgrades and a full tubular cage. Here’s a used one you can own today for just under $70,000.

Triumph Spitfire

Like the Midget, the Spitfire emerged in the 1960s as a fun two-seater droptop you could truly enjoy on a back road. It was built for a total of 18 years, meaning it’s not terribly hard to find one today. This 1976 model includes a factory color-matched hardtop, for sale right now for just $9000.

Lotus Elan

There’s a reason the original Miata borrowed so heavily from the original Elan. This Lotus had a featherweight body and wonderful chassis balance, making it one of the most enjoyable cars on the road. This track-prepped example is on eBay right now for just under $34,000.